William Mpinganjira in pink-leading by example

FDH Financial Holdings Limited group employees led by their youthful Chief Executive Officer William Mpinganjira on Wednesday wore pink attire to lend their support towards the Breast Cancer awareness campaign which is running through the month of October.

In his message, Mpinganjira said October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a good time to learn more about breast cancer, starting with prevention and screening. 

“Leading a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly can help reduce the risks. I urge all Malawians to strive to be informed about cancer and all women to routinely go for screening and talk with their health professionals. Early detection is important in the fight against Breast Cancer. As FDH Group, we are committed to the fight and together let’s defeat breast cancer,” said Mpinganjira.

Madanitsa (front) poses with FDH employees clad in pink

FDH Group Head of Administration, Procurement and Operations Mwiza Madanitsa said being a woman, she regularly goes for screening to guard against breast cancer.

“As a woman, I go for screening regularly to guard against Breast Cancer. I urge my fellow women to be proactive and go for regular screening,” she said.

Joining the cause, FDH Bank plc Head of Personal and Business Banking Kawawa Msapato said he stands with women and all Malawians in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

“Life first, go for regular screening,” said Kawawa.

FDH men did not want to be left out in the campaign by putting on something pink

FDH Bank plc Public Relations Officer Lorraine Chikhula said the FDH Group stand with all women in fighting breast cancer.

“This is why you have seen that starting from the Group Chief Executive Officer of FDH Financial Holdings Limited William Mpinganjira to all employees are wearing pink attire to express their support to breast cancer awareness campaign. Even some male employees had to put on pink to show that this issue is not for women only, it affects everyone,” said Chikhula.

She also said apart from supporting the breast cancer awareness campaign, FDH has also been supporting the health sector through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

“We support the Barbara Mpinganjira Cancer High Dependency Unit (HDU) at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital and this year we procured new machines namely an oxygen ventilator and patient monitor and we also serviced existing machines, repainted the Ward and continue to pay the lead nurses’ allowances at the Cancer HDU to ensure round the clock patient care,” said Chikhula.

FDH ladies in breast cancer awareness campaign


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