ACB to raid and search APM’s houses


Martha Chizuma has told ACB to declare war on APM and instructed her team to raid and search APM’s residences. The search of all houses is planned to happen on the same minute of the hour any day. But ACB will be breaking the law if the search continues.

ACB had a meeting this week where Chizuma admitted that APM has no case because ACB has found nothing but they must keep Peter Mutharika psychologically tortured by searching his houses including bedrooms in a surprise raid attack.

Sources who attended the meeting say Chizuma said there is no evidence of wrongdoing for prosecuting APM. ACB tried finding people who can implicate the former president but that method has failed.

Chizuma following that meeting told the Nation newspaper that ACB will no longer interview APM but will instead pursue other “legal methods” for obtaining information. It is the raiding and searching of APM’s houses that Chizuma meant by saying “other legal methods.”

Unfortunately, searching APM’s houses when he has no case to answer violates the Constitution in Section 21 (a) which says:

Every person shall have the right to personal privacy, which shall include the right no to be subjected searches of his or her person, home or property.

Sources in ACB say some officers are angry that ACB is being used as a political tool to torture and persecute targeted individuals instead of fighting corruption which is rising in Chakwera and his government.

Another ACB angry source accused Chizuma of conspiring with Russian hackers who crashed the ACB system months ago to block investigations against some MCP top dogs. ACB also stopped vetting change of ownership of vehicles, land and property because the system is not working. The ACB system was crashed in the same week when the NOCMA fuel scandal flared up in flames. Chakwera was mentioned in the corruption and Mkaka and other State Houses were supposed to be arrested with the UTM minister Kambala.


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