….Bags of money taken out of vehicle

Indian businessmen inspecting Nick Chakwera’s vehicle

President Lazarus Chakwera’s wayward first born son, Nick, high with alcohol drove at a high speed in Blantyre on Friday night bashing Supreme Court of Appeal Justice Frank Kapanda’s Toyota Prado in the process.

Excited Nick threw caution to the wind on speed limits in the Blantyre Central Business District (CBD) before being involved in the near fatal accident.

The accident took place near Development House and Ecobank junction on Victoria Avenue road in Blantyre.

There was drama soon after the accident as some people whisked Nick away after realizing that he was in the wrong and he had hit the vehicle of a Supreme Court of Appeal Justice.

Eye witnesses said Nick, who looked tipsy with alcohol, wanted to be violent by trying to attack the judge accusing him of causing the accident yet he was the one who was driving at high speed before crashing into Justice Kapanda’s vehicle.

Luckily, both Nick and the Judge were not seriously hurt in the accident.

More drama ensued when Nick instructed some of his aides to take out bags of money in his vehicle into another vehicle which took him to Blantyre Police Station to record a statement.

Nick Chakwera’s vehicle fell on the sides

“There were about 9 bags full of money and I saw these people taking out the bags into another car, the money in K2, 000 notes were clearly visible as some of it fell off the ground but the people with the one who was driving that vehicle collected all of it,” said an eye witness who was not aware that the one who caused the accident was Chakwera’s son.

Another witness, a guard near one of the buildings where the accident took place said soon after the accident, Nick wanted to start a fight with Justice Kapanda before one of his aides realized that he was the judge and restrained him.

“The one driving that car was furious but when his friends realized that the one driving that other vehicle was somehow a ‘big man’ they left and removed the bags of money in his car and left. Later a fire trick came to tow the car (which Nick was driving) away,” said the guard who refused to give out his name when he became aware that one of the people involved in the accident was President Chakwera’s son.

Just minutes after the accident, a few Indian businessmen appeared on the scene to console Nick about the accident and they followed him to Blantyre Police Station where they took charge in directing how the statement should be taken.

Nick was later taken to a nearby private hospital for observation before he was released and headed to Sanjika Palace.

It is not known how much money was in the nine big bags but onlookers said the money must be in ‘millions of kwachas’.

Justice Kapanda’s vehicle badly damaged


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