CROCODILES ARE HUNGRY AT NIGHT: MCP Media Team Takes On UTM’s Deputy Minister in Chakwera Cabinet

Kalamula in a line of duty

MCP crocodiles have sunk their teeth deep into the flesh of UTM member Chrissie Kanyasho Kalamula who is a member of Lazarus Chakwera’s cabinet.

The crocodiles have picked a bone with Kanyasho’s absence after she travelled on holiday to the US while the country is battling the devastating Covid-19 pandemic where the Ministry of Health is required to provide leadership.

Kanyasho is Deputy Minister of Health.

Led by MCP executive member Ezekiel Ching’oma, the bloody toothed crocodiles have torn Kanyasho apart on social media, accusing her of absconding from duty.

The venomous crocodiles claim that at the time the country needed her support in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, she chose to fly out to see her family in Washington DC, USA.

The reptiles seem to get motivation in their carnivorous behaviour on Kalamula by the fact that their member, Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda, has become the face of the fight against Covid-19.

In her capacity as Minister of Health, Kandodo Chiponda is leading daily updates on the pandemic.

The hungry MCP media team has since asked Chakwera to dismiss Kalamula from the cabinet.

Kalamula has defended herself saying she travelled with the approval of the State President, as protocol demands.

Kalamula is also Deputy Leader of Government Business in Parliament.

From Day One, MCP and UTM have been inconvenient bedfellows in the Tonse Alliance administration with their respective media team regularly trading salvos on social media.


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