Chakwera’s Justice Minister Mvalo humiliates Malawi in Geneva: Speaks to 1490 empty seats


Chakwera travels up north for a virtual graduation

What a country! Malawi is still amazing right thinking people with its ‘out of this world decisions that have the whole world wondering whether the President in Malawi and his ministers think.

First, while Malawians are still in shock of the looting of K6.2 billion by President Lazarus Chakwera’s government, President Chakwera actually sent his Justice Minister, Titus Mvalo to Geneva, Switzerland, a well known expensive city in the world just to speak to the empty seats alone as his colleagues were attending the same meeting via zoom.

Chakwera and Mvalo have made Malawi a laughing stock on global map after careless decisions made by these two leaders.

The Minister was the only dignitary that travelled all the way from Lilongwe to Geneva to speak at the 46th Regular Session of UN Human Rights Council-in-person in the room in front of 1490 empty seats while all other countries across the global attended the meeting via zoom.

The Minister, Titus Songiso Mvalo who was one of the Chakwera’s lawyers during Presidential Election flew to Geneva to represent President Lazarus Chakwera who apparently was participating in that meeting via Zoom in the comfort of his presidential office at Kamuzu Palace. Ironic.

Major international media outlets have mocked Malawi for ‘looting’ pax payers money on something that could have helped this country like buying oxygen cylinders for COVID-19 patients.

Social media platforms is awash with this ’embarrassment’ touting Malawi as a laughing stock under President Chakwera’s leadership.

As if this embarrassment is not enough, President Chakwera has travelled to the northern region to attend the graduation ceremony for Mzuzu University students via Zoom.

One wonders, why not attending it while in Lilongwe to cut costs?

Malawi is an ‘amazing’ country.



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