Mtambo dealing in drugs


Details have started emerging on cabinet minister Timothy Mtambo dealings in drugs after his official government vehicle was stolen in Lilongwe only to be found in Bwengu in Rumphi on Wednesday.

We can reveal that Mtambo has been dealing in drugs and the ‘theft’ of his official vehicle has opened a Pandora’s box.
Our impeccable sources said the minister has been in the trade of drug trafficking together with his bodyguard who was once arrested on drug charges but fled to Tanzania before Mtambo called him to be his personal Bodyguard.
“On this day, the bodyguard was supposed to deliver drugs in Karonga where some businessmen including some of Indian origin but the accident spoiled everything,” said the source.

“This is why Mtambo did not raise any alarm that his official vehicle was missing in Lilongwe until after 8 hours when the accident happened. He knew what was going on,” added the source.Our source also said Mtambo has been using his official vehicle to ferry the drugs including cocaine ‘because he knows that a ministerial vehicle cannot be searched or stopped by Police’.
“If it was a real robbery, how many police stops or roadblocks did this vehicle pass from Lilongwe to Bwengu? This is what he has been doing and Mtambo knew what was going on and that is why he never raised any alarm when his vehicle was supposedly stolen,” said the source.

Insiders also question why Mtambo called his Bodyguard from Tanzania where he fled from drug charges here in Malawi. His accomplices are serving their time at Maula Prison in Lilongwe.
“If police want to really investigate this issue they should do a background check of Mtambo’s bodyguard and this will be one of the simplest cases to solve,” challenged our source.

Mtambo hung up the phone when we tried to seek his comment accusing us of ‘being sent by evil people’.


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