Mchacha stokes divisions in DPP, calls other presidential aspirants madeya


As leadership wrangles rage on in the former government Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), the party’s Regional Governor for the South, Charles Mchacha has branded party loyalists as ‘madeya’

Mchacha made the ‘provocative’ remarks during a political rally organised by one of DPP’s Presidential aspirant Dalitso Kabambe, who comes from the same district as out-going DPP president Peter Mutharika. Mchacha himself comes from Thyolo.

In indirect reference to Joseph Mwanamvekha, Bright Msaka and Kondwani Nankhumwa, the uncensored Mchacha said Mutharika has opted for an outsider to take over the mantle because there are no leadership qualities within the party.

He cited the appointed of Atupele Muluzi from United Democratic Front (UDF) as Mutharika’s running during the court sanctioned elections as a clear manifestation of vote of no confidence in party loyalists.

“Mutharika has been opting for outsiders because all what we have within the part are complete ‘Madeya’.
In 2014 he opted for Saulos Chilima an outsider as his running mate and five years later also handpicked Muluzi from UDF as his running mate leaving party members,” said Mchacha adding that Mwanamvekha and Msaka should ask themselves why they were not being picked.

Ironically, Mchacha was revealing that Mutharika who recently told the media that he will not side with any candidate has indirectly endorsed Kabambe as possible successor.


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