TNM unveils first K1 million winner in Tikolore promotion


By Mc Donald Chapalapata, a Contributor

The first K1 million winner in the Tikolore promotion Francis Mtukanika

Malawi’s pioneer mobile and ICT services provider TNM plc unveiled the first K1 million winner in the Tikolore promotion, a day after launching the three month long promotion in Lilongwe.

Estate Agent Francis Mtukanika, who was just passing Area 23 in Lilongwe after knocking off from work and bumped into the TNM team, became the first K1 million winner after buying airtime worth K200.

“I am happy that I have won this money. I did not believe it when I got the call but with just K200 which recharged my phone, I have won K1 million. I will use this money to set up a proper office for my business,” said Mtukanika.

Minister of Youth and Sports Ulemu Msungama who launched the promotion the previous night drew the winner in Area 23 which is also his constituency as a Member of Parliament.

He appealed to people to support the promotion saying it is a celebration of the harvest season as the country is expected to have a bumper yield this year.

TNP plc Chief Marketing Officer Frank Magombo said Mtukanika is the first of the 30 millionaires that the Tikolore promotion will produce by 1st July 2021 when the promotion ends.

“You have seen that it is simple to make your first K1 million with just K200 of airtime. Our first winner Francis Mtukanika has just shown us that NdiZotheka (it is possible) to win. So I am appealing to all of you to buy airtime worth K200 or more and stand a chance to win,” said Magombo.

He said apart from creating the 30 millionaires, a total of 250 lucky customers win K10,000 every week for 12 weeks, making a total of 3,000 winners and 50 lucky customers will win K100,000 every month, making a total of 150 winners within three months.

Magombo said everyone is a winner in the promotion explaining that even if someone recharges with K100 airtime, they will instantly be rewarded with free minutes, data and SMSs.

“This promotion is an appreciation to our customers for choosing TNM as their communications and digital services provider hence the mega harvest promotion. Our purpose is connecting society, creating possibilities, and changing lives and that is why we are happy to make everyone a winner in this Tikolore promotion and people’s lives shall definitely be changed,” said Magombo.

The promotion runs from 1st April to 1st July 2021.


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