Limbe Leaf donates books to LL Girls, Mwankhundi schools


By Mc Donald Chapalapata, a Contributor

Hez (right) presents some of the books at Mwankhundi school

Limbe Leaf Tobacco Company Limited (Limbe Leaf) has donated books and other learning materials for libraries at Lilongwe Girls Secondary School and Mwankhundi Primary School in Lilongwe rural to improve learning conditions and after school activities.

Presenting the donation at Lilongwe Girls Secondary School, Limbe Leaf Corporate Affairs Manager Leah Hez said it is the wish of Limbe Leaf to improve girls’ education hence the donation of books worth US$2,000 (approx. K1.5 million).

“It is important that we further a girl’s education by making sure that they have the necessary tools for their success and advancement,” said Hez.

Receiving the donation, Headmistress of the school Emily Mkokamasa thanked Limbe Leaf for the donation saying the school has a current enrollment of 619 students and 39 teachers with an MSCE pass rate that has averaged above 90% the last 5 years with a promotion ratio of 100%.

“We are grateful for this donation. The books will go a long way in developing the student’s reading culture especially those in story and cartoon form. The library is an educational tool but also a source of entertainment for the girls outside of classes,” said Mkokamasa.

Presenting more books and play items worth $7000 (approx. K5.3 Million) at the rural Mwankhundi Primary School, Hez said the donation was made to increase the stock of books that had previously been donated to the library which Limbe Leaf built at the school in 2019.

Lilongwe Girls students and teachers show books donated by Limbe Leaf

She said Limbe Leaf built and furnished the library to ensure that learners at the school and children of school going ages in the surrounding communities had a place of learning and spending their time so that they are not involved in any tobacco related work after school.

“It is important for communities to take care of donated materials so that current and future generations benefit from the same. It is also important to provide after school activities to students that benefit their learning and keep them from destructive behaviors after school activities,” said Hez.

The Primary Education Advisor for the area Trackson Chipalasa said the donation will provide the necessary teaching tools and space that enable teachers to better equip students.

“I urge the school administration and community to take care of the books and other resources once handed over, not to tear, sale or take home the books and play tools,” said Chipalasa.

Apart from further equipping the school library, Limbe Leaf also donated some play and educational items which included board games, play mats, building blocks, bowling pins and balls and other play items for nursery pupils at the School.

Group village headman Mwakhundi commended Limbe Leaf for improving the learning environment and changing the face of the school with present and previous donations.


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