Chilima In Lowershire: Laments Slow Progress of Projects


The country’s Vice President Saulosi Chilima is in the east bank inspecting progress of some projects and has lamented slow progress in completing some of the projects he visited.

Speaking on Wednesday after visiting the construction of Makhanga ,Mtayamoyo to Bangura bridge construction, Chilima said there is a need to expedite the project.

Chilima said people around areas have been suffering for a long time and that delays in finishing the project is denying the people the right to enjoy the country’s development.

Before inspecting the Mtayamoyo bridge project, Chilima visited Nsanje railway station which has been used as a training center for artisans and engineers.

According to engineers on the site ,the station will be upgraded to fit the modem standard of rail and that once completed the rail will reach up to Nsanje inland port which according to them will help boost the country’s economy because products will be easily transported from Mozambique.

During the visit, Chilima expressed dissatisfaction over delays in construction of Nsanje-Marka road saying that the contractor carrying out the job is not doing what the Tonse led administration is advocating.

Meanwhile, Senior Chief Malemia and TA Chimombo of Nsanje have pleaded with the Vice president to push for the swift completion of the railway project saying it will help reduce transportation costs.

The chiefs also asked the vice president to intervene in the completion of their house projects that have halted for 2 years

Later, Chilima inspected Manja road where lamented the state of the road and urged Blantyre City Council (BCC) to take their job seriously and ensure that the road is properly graded and tarred.

A concerned Chilima, who had paid a visit to the area three months ago, said he wants to see some improvements as not much has been done since his last visit.

He has implored city officials to keep politics and drama out of their operations and ensure the job is well done and on time.

“Are you playing politics? Should I be coming here every two months to inspect the road. Have you turned the council into another political party Mr CEO? queried Chilima.

But BCC’s Director of Town Planning and Estate Services, Costly Chanza, claimed after the Vice President’s last visit, they started operations to grade the road to reduce the bumps, and as a council they are working on the asphalt designs for the road and are currently waiting for their engineers to finalise the plans.

He said after this process, they will outsource services to upgrade the road.

Chanza added that they have been facing problems with procurement, funding and logistics, hindering them from carrying out their duties successfully in the process.

Chilima is visiting some development projects in the South to have hands-on experience and appreciate progress made so far.


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