Malawi’s Guptas’ Master Abdullah, Deepak implicated in Baroda Loan Bill Smuggling Scandal


Some things will never change! Two influential Indian businessmen, Master Abdullah and Deepak have been implicated in the smuggling of the infamous K93 billion loan authorization bill to Parliament, we can confidently and exclusively reveal.

Information we have sourced is that the two, Deepak and Master Abdullah, also known as the Guptas of Malawi tried  to persuade the previous DPP  regime to give them an authorization letter to borrow money from Axiem Bank for the construction of houses for security agencies, but the DPP government through the Ministry of Finance turned them down .

We can further reveal that after the DPP was kicked out of power , the duo now approached excited Minister of Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo Banda, telling him they know a bank which would help them secure MK 93 billion for the security agencies housing project .

Chimwendo Banda assured Master Abdullah and Deepak that President Lazarus Chakwera would give them the support they needed to have the project implemented by having funds available.

Master Abdullah and Deepak started to engage their fellow Indians who own Baroda Bank where the two also have shares.

Baroda Bank assured Master Abdullah and Deepak that funds were available for the loan of MK 93 billion on a condition that the Malawi Government  guarantee the loan of the housing project.

Master  Abdullah, Deepak  and Chimwendo Banda had a meeting with President Chakwera where a plan was laid down  on how to implement the project and Chakwera gave his blessings to Chimwendo to facilitate how to make the money available ‘without raising eye brows’.

“Chimwendo Banda then took the loan authorization bill to a certain Mr. Ali who was Director of Debt in the Ministry of Finance and told him of the plan to have the bill smuggled into parliament and President Chakwera was going to assent it immediately it was brought to his office,” said our impeccable source privy to the deal.

But having looked at the documents, Mr. Ali refused to play ball and furious Chimwendo Banda orchestrated his removal from the Ministry of Finance accusing him of being a DPP plant.

This forced Master Abdallah and Deepak to release MK200 million which was shared to the key players from the ministry of finance, Justice and parliament to have the bill successfully smuggled to parliament.

This is how the evil MK93 billion loan authorization bill found itself on the order paper in Parliament.

“The President’s aide Pastor Thom was acting with the full blessings of President Chakwera and firing him from his position was just to save face and that is why he just spent a few hours in custody and was released on bail. That case will not see the light of the day as long as President Chakwera is in power, I can challenge you on that,” declared our source.

 The Guptas of Malawi, Master Abdullah, Deepak and cabinet minister Chimwendo Banda are the reason Malawi government was caught pants down by the media trying to fraudulently smuggle the MK 93 billion loan authorization to Baroda Bank which they have direct links with.

Master: Mastering the art of smuggling



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