Fuel Supplier Spill Beans On How Mkaka, SPC, Kapondagaga, H.E Pocketed $ 500K From Him

Cvstos branded watches from supplier to Mkaka and Chakwera

Foreign Affairs minister Eseinhower Mkaka, secretary to the President Zangazanga Chikhosi, President Chakwera and his chief of staff Prince Kapondagaga are in hot soup , after a fuel supplier who was duped 500 thousand dollars in exchange of being awarded a contract to supply fuel to NOCMA which has failed , has threatened to report them to Ant Corruption Bureau and expose them we can reveal.

As ACB has given a go ahead to NOCMA to award fuel contracts, we can reveal that trouble is brewing up as some suppliers who were not awarded contracts are coming forward to lodge a complaint with the ACB on how senior Government officials including Eseinhower Mkaka who is Minister of foreign affairs and secretary General of Malawi Congress Party , Prince Kapondagaga and others pocketed five hundred thousand dollars in cash and how the same amount was passed on to the President.

The disgruntled fuel supplier who came to Malawi through a private jet which was cleared by Helen Buluma the NOCMA deputy CEO also facilitated their meeting with Chakwera at kamuzu Palace.

We have whatswhat’sapp messages where the honorable Minister Mkaka was giving out instructions to one of the supplier to make a designer made Cvstos watch for himself and 18.5cm for his wife which costs about $ 23,000 equivalent to MK 19.5 million each.

The deal between Chakwera’s trusted green jacketed boys with the fuel suppliers were brokered by Mr. Nyirenda in a private jet which recently picked Enock Chihana to Zimbabwe.

Apart from Mkaka, Kapondagaga and Zangazanga Chikhosi who are on one team against the rival team of Kambala which has been arreated, these suppliers had an audience with President Chakwera’s son in law who is also his executive assistant Sean Kampondeni and Pastor Martin Thom who recently got arrested for the controversial MK 93 billion bank of Baroda Loan Authorization bill.

We can assure the ACB that if they are fighting corruption, let them zero in on Mkaka who pocketed 500K USD and is using part of it to finance his microfinance company after the proceeds were shared and reached to the president.

MCP officials gave a clear instructions to ACB czar Chizuma to stop scrutiny on assets change of ownerships as a way of allowing MCP officials to clear their assets bought by laundered money without a trail.

We can reveal that MCP is afraid to have a leader at Financial Intelligence Authority as it’s close associates like Pastor Martin Thom who had a negative bank account balance now has millions whose source can’t be explained.

We have it on authority that pastor Thom and Sean kampondeni have bought farms and avoided interacting with banks by buying two hundred heads of cattle each without any bank loan or business activities that can support their overnight millionaire hood.

This publication is fully aware of Thom Martin’s four trucks which he was keeping at his church premises before they were taken to his newly acquired farm in Mchinji.

All thanks to the fuel suppliers who have vowed to spill the beans for the deal gone soul.

As that is not enough, one of the supplier has confided to this paper that he is getting death threats from Minister Mkaka for his continued revelations on the fuel deals which are implicating President Chakwera.

As ACB is arresting others on the abuse of office to influence tendering on fuel deal, let them also arrest Mkaka, Chikhosi and Kapondagaga who also corruptly acquired USD 500K From the same NOCMA scandals.


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