MBWANA: TNM’s goal is to reduce and mitigate the risk of death for both employees and customers

Pioneer mobile network service operator, TNM Plc, listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange has taken a strong stand in support of government’s calls for the nation to achieve herd immunity against COVID-19 through intensive and progressive COVID-19 Vaccination.

As part of this commitment, TNM Plc has directed all employees to comply with vaccine requirements by going to receive their vaccine jabs at nearest public health institutions where the different types of COVID-19 vaccine doses are now widely available.

Said CEO, Arnold Mbwana; “TNM’s goal is to reduce and mitigate the risk of death for both employees and customers, and of disruption to business due to COVID-19 effects. TNM as a business is accountable to shareholders, who include members of the general public exercising their rights through the Malawi Stock Exchange. We believe it is in our best interest to secure this investment by securing the lives of our employees and customers.”

He said based on current public health literature, vaccines offer the best possible chance of beating the virus and reducing cost and time of hospitalization.

“At TNM, we are taking the pandemic seriously considering its severe ramifications on our lives and business. Death from the debilitating effects of Covid-19 virus is preventable through vaccine and while we continue to pursue preventive measures against the virus in the work place, we also take strong stand in support of vaccination,” said the CEO.

He said to lead by example, TNM Executive Committee led by the CEO and other senior managers have already received their jab and expect the rest of the staff to take cue.

The CEO said as part of stepped-up measures to secure the work place and its commercial outlets, all employees have been given 10 days to ensure that they receive vaccine and to provide reports of their COVID-19 vaccine track record.

“Worldwide many organizations and companies are taking drastic measures against unvaccinated employees. Before we reach this stage, TNM is granting our employees opportunity to demonstrate best practice by getting vaccinated. As much as we are not making this mandatory we are expecting maximum cooperation, as everyone at TNM is taking the pandemic seriously,” said Mbwana.


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