MOTA ENGIL, ‘TRANSPORT MINISTER’ CHAKWERA IN SHODDY DEALS: Offered stone crusher, sexy corrupt packages


Corrupt Portuguese construction giant Mota Engil, has bought Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera a stone crusher and offered him lucrative deals , in his capacity as Minister of transport, Malawi Observers can exclusively reveal.

The post of Minister of transport became vacant on 12 January 2021, following the death of Muhammad Sidik Mia, who succumbed to covid 19 .

However, eight months down the line after the death of Sidik Mia, President Chakwera has not apointed his replacement , making him an automatic Minister of transport .

Mota Engil which was bullied left and right as soon as Chakwera took off leadership , has transformed into the darling of the ruling Malawi Congress Party , wining and dinning with President Chakwera , Foreign affairs minister Mkaka , State House chief of staff Prince Kapondagaga and others in the corridors of Kamuzu Palace .

Malawi Observer can reveal that Mota Engil, is now in good books with President Chakwera having bought him a stone crusher which Mota Engil will hire from Chakwera and in return, launder the proceeds on his behalf in offshore accounts which we will not disclose .

As that is not enough, Mota Engil has given Chakwera lucrative offer on each contract awarded to the Portuguese giants as a token of appreciation, for his good gesture towards them as Minister of transport .

If you were wondering why President Chakwera is not willing to appoint Minister of transport, here is the answer , President chakwera is the major beneficiary of all corrupt deals taking place in the Ministry of transport with the major construction goliath,Mota Engil .

Chakwera is doing the same in other ministries which have no line minister following the death of the minister responsible or firing of the same .


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