Intelligence Head In Phishing Scandal On Innocent Citizens Using Old Skills


The Malawi Head of National Intelligence Services , Pastor Dokani Ngwira has been caught in a phishing Scandal, where he is sending a phishing link , a kind of cyber attack to steal information such as passwords, usernames, online user activities and other important information using outdated methods to innocent Malawians.

Ngwira has sent several citizens a malicious link which can infect their phone or computer once clicked ,in the process gaining access to their private data stored in their gadgets.

It has not been established as to why the head of intelligence in Malawi Pastor Dokani Ngwira has sunk so low to be planning on stealing information from innocent citizens.

Embarrassing as it is for the head of intelligence to be embroidered in a phishing scandal using stone aged methodologies , some experts have questioned the intergrity of the head of intelligence.

Malawians are being warned to avoid clinking the link as shown below sent by the head of intelligence in their perspective social media platforms to protect their information and gadgets .

Spying link from Malawi Head of intelligence to innocent citizens


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