TEKNO CRITICALLY ILL: To Miss Onesimus ‘Home Coming’ Concert

Tekno, Onesmus during their previous meeting

Nigerian celebrated artist Tekno is set to miss Afro-Pop Star Onesimus ‘Home Coming’ Concert slated for Sunday at Lilongwe Golf Club due to illness, this publication has learnt.

The brain behind ‘Pana’ hit Tekno, who said is down with Gastro Esophageal Reflux, was supposed to headline the concert.

In an interview with Nigerian media recently, Tekno born Augustine Miles Kelechi, said he underwent a surgical procedure called, Esophagogastric dissociation, the health condition that irritates his vocal cords and affects his ability to sing.

“The surgery was done by a robot; they cut me in five different places. After the surgery, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t sneeze. It was hell,” Tekno was quoted as saying.

Tekno further said he was advised by his doctor to rest for two months before resuming to his dairy routine of performances, hence high chances of missing multi-talented artist Onesimus Home Coming Concert.

However, the ‘Panado’ hit maker Onesimus is yet to confirm on whether Tekno will perform at the homecoming concert or just make a guest appearance.

Onesimus, who arrived in the country from South Africa some months ago, told local media that his Home ‘Coming concert’ will be massive. The concert has been pegged at MK2,000 per head.

“This is going to be one of the most memorable moments for me and my fans. It has been a long time.

“It feels good to have the opportunity to come back home and connect with my fans on stage. My music is diverse and accommodative, so this will be an open event to anyone,” Onesimus told Nation Online.

Onesimus, born Armstrong Kalua, who left Malawi in 2013 for South Africa as music export, is a multi-award winning musician who has performed in several parts of the world.


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