WE FOLLOWED ALL TENDER PROCEDURES: We have been in goat business for over 20years-Khalid Mia speaks out

Some of the goats captured at Mia’s farm

AWS Trucking, a company belonging to late Sidik Mia’s brother, which has won MK836 million tender to supply goats to the Department of Disaster Management Affair (DoDMA), says the company is apolitical.

The Company’s managing director, Mr Khalid Mia told Malawi Voice on Thursday amidst rumors on the social media indicating that DoDMA awarded the multi-million kwacha tender to AWS due to its connection to late Sidik Mia, who was Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President.

The managing director said: “We are fully into business and we are not in any way connected to politics.

“AWS followed all the tender requirements to win this contract of supplying goats to DoDMA starting from normal process of submitting applications after we saw an advert in the newspapers.”

“People win tenders worth billions to supply different things, so what’s the problem with us? Just because my brother was a politician? Asked Mia.

Mia, further appealed to Malawians to stop associating his business and proprieties with anything pertaining to politics.

“My brother was a politician and myself a businessman, therefore people should learn to treat us as such. I have been doing this business for quite number of years and l have been winning tenders in a fair manner just like this tender,” said Mia.

Butchered ready for distribution

He said AWS Trucking, with its sister company Flatlands has been supplying goats and cattle in thousands consistently for more than 20 years for Kurban (Muslim Festival) and to a chain of butcheries and supermarkets. Their clients include Islamic Relief Malawi, National Zakat Fund of South Africa and private Muslims Groups from Malawi, South Africa, UK and Saudi Arabia.

“AWS Trucking has established farms including one at Chapananga with holding facilities for thousands of goats. We operate refrigerated trucks and live animal transportation trucks and trailers suitable for goats, cattle and frozen fish,” he said.

Asked to clarify on the name, Mia said the name AWS Trucking may sound like a trucking only company, but in their 21 years of operation they have used the same name and Flatlands for livestock, salt, fish, tyres and general trading.

“Don’t judge a company by its name.” he said.

On price, Mia said the first price was not based on buying alone but included the Bidding Expenses, Bid Security, Bank Reconciliation, Performance Security, establishing and operating goat buying stations.

“That is not all. It also include collecting goats from buying stations, holding goats at farm, veterinary services, delivering to EPAs and Report and Invoice,” he said adding that AWS Trucking, was registered on April,3 2000.

Apart from AWS, The Department of Disaster Management Affair (DoDMA) has also awarded contracts to ASIP and A-Investments.

Off to distribution
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They have also huge cattle farm


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