CHAKWERA CAUGHT PANTS DOWN: Copying Everything Chilima is doing

CAUGHT PANTS DOWN: Chakwera captured copying Chilima’s antics

The true test of leadership is that one must have followers. No wonder, therefore, that President Lazarus Chakwera copies everything that his Vice President Saulos Chilima does.

The inspection of projects and wearing field jackets – a trade mark of Chilima has been copied by the President who is going visiting projects already visited by his Vice. A colossal mistake in leadership.

Where the President and his new Advisors – including traitor Mulotwa Mulotwa – are getting it wrong is that the President’s acts portray him as weak, clueless and spineless.

But above all, the glaring difference between the two is the way they execute their public appearance. Avoid imitating your junior at any workplace.

Chakwera is also blowing millions of tax payers in visiting projects already taken by his Vice.

The President blew more than K20 million on Friday when he visited the Nsanje- Marka Road project, which ironically his Vice visited and inspected just a few weeks ago. Why not just share notes with his Vice?

Mr. President, your Vice President Chilima is beyond forgery, beyond immitation.


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