Exposed! HTD boss Abdul Aboobaker corruptly, illegally bought land building Mug & Bean in Lilongwe

Aboobaker bought this land illegally

Details have emerged how HTD Limited owner Abdul Majid Aboobaker illegally and corruptly acquired prime land in the heart of Lilongwe City where he built Mug and Bean.

According to documents obtained from the Ministry of Lands, the land Aboobaker built Mug and Bean—opposite City Mall Complex—belonged to the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and, through bribing DPP officials to a sum of K800 million, he got it though currently under investigations.

The Ministry launched investigations on this land but, according to reports, the docket wasn’t submitted to Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) because Aboobaker bribed all key officials who were investigating the deal.

Aboobaker seem to be placed between the rock and the hard place because there is already pressure from the public with regards to how he managed to raise funds to acquire the land and also to build Mug and Bean.

According to our reports, the funds were illegally brought into the country putting a question of money laundering on the spotlight.

Further, Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) has been on the neck of Aboobaker after internal investigations revealed that he has been bringing cash and different materials into the country without involving responsible state agencies such as Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM)and MRA.

However, our investigations have shown that Aboobaker has bribed all key officials from Lands, MRA, Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and ACB to be protected from arrest and prosecution.
Aboobaker was not available for comments on the matter.


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