OOPS! Another Asian Businessman Suleman Khadba Acquires Govt Land Illegally, As his partner Mustak Chiotia on the run


Asian businessman Suleman Khadba has illegally acquired government plot near Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe which has now become busy spots of construction works, this publication has learnt.

According to leaked documents in our custody from the Ministry of Lands, Khadba with help from some top government officials bought the plot some few years ago under Pearl Ventures Limited.

According to the document, the plot in question was registered as government plot number 2/765 but was changed to plot 2/757 after it was illegally sold to Khadba.

The publication has further leant that Khadba’s agent Mustak Chotia sneaked out of the country weeks ago after noticing that authorities are searching for him over the same land issue.

Mustak Chotia and Suleman Khadiba have been reportedly obtaining land illegally through what is termed as “infill” plots in Lilongwe city.

Even the Century City mall at the Kamuzu Central Hospital roundabout was built on public land after Chotia created infill plots dubiously.

Now with the construction works on the six lane half of the Century City mall will be encroached.

That is not all. This publication understands that the duo also obtained over one hundred plots in area 49 Gulliver for a housing project that was targeting middle income earners upon completion of the houses.

This has also occurred in most parts of the city like on Mchinji road and close to the Kamuzu Central Hospital area.

However, the department of Lands recently wrote the above company informing them to desist from working on the plots since the planning committee discovered that the said plots were on reserved plot for road works and water pipes.

Still Chotia and Suleman Khadiba went ahead to continue in total disregard of the letter written by the then Commissioner of lands Killian Remmie Palika.

“In the said correspondence the commissioner of lands explained that the ministry is reviewing it’s decision to be dealing with Chotia after it was discovered that they are continuing with construction.

But the plots were sold at market value to many people disregarding the proposal submitted to Malawi Housing Corporation.

In the meantime, the same company took infill plots from city mall to the petroda filling station on Mchinji road in the same city.

This publication also understands that the new Sana shop and queens mall all stand on public land created into plots by Chotia and Suleman Khadiba.

Some concerned Malawians are pushing the case to Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for action.


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