ACB, MRA dared to probe on Indian businessman Waheed Kassam’s tax invasion; Imports raw materials dubiously for Sun Seed Oil, Central Poultry


By Deus Chikalaza

The country’s graft agency Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) and Immigration department has been challenged to probe on reports that Indian businessman Waheed Kassam has swindled billions of kwacha through dubious deals when importing raw materials for Sun Seed Oil and Central Poultry.

This publication has in possession of documents corrupt syndicate in which Kassam and his cousin Nazim Kassiman have been stealing from hard earned taxpayers’ money.

Kassam whose offices are at Dudu and close to Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) have been importing raw materials through dubious means.

According to the documents seen, raw materials were imported from China, Dubai, India, the United Kingdom (UK) and South Africa.

This has been happening for as many years as you can imagine, evading tax as well as externalizing forex in the name of hotel construction. They buy materials more than required. For instance, instead of 5 containers they bring 50 or more on duty free and sale the rest.

Inside sources at Sun Seed Oil confided in with this publication that all imports were never bonded and went straight to Dudu or Airport Road premises.

“On externalization of money, they buy goods outside using their Dubai Company and inflate the figures. For example, something they buy at US$10 000 it is invoiced at US$50 000 or more. A container of US$30 000 is priced at a larger amount like US$300 000 and at the border it is reduced to US$10 000,” reveals the source.

“We want ACB to investigate dubious deal Kassam companies have been stealing from Malawians through importation of raw material dubiously. Billions of kwachas have been swindled.
“We are ready to cooperate with probing agencies on this dubious deals Mr Kassam has been doing over the years. We love our country that’s why we are coming out now,” dares inside sources at Central Poultry.

He adds, “We want MRA to tell the nation how one person could invade tax through dubious deals when importing raw materials while the rest of us are burdened with duty on border or airports”.

Five workers from two companies; Sun Seed oil and Central Poultry told this publication that were ready to testify again Kassam’s corrupt dealing when matter is probed.
This comes barely months after Kassam is implicated a case where registered Trustees of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) want court involvement in claiming the land now housing Bisnowaty filling and supermarket, the UNICEF offices and the National Audit Office.
This follows the manner how the said land was sold to David Bisnowaty who later sold the land to Waheed Kassam of MANOBEC limited in Lilongwe.

Kassam has never been available to this publication for reaction over numerous corrupt dealings on his head hence the need for ACB to probe on the matter.


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