Winiko Is My Ex-Husband- Whatsapp Admin Whom Winiko Sued For Defamation Speaks Out


Dollah Samson, a human rights defender and concerned citizen, whom comedian-cum politician Winiko sued for defamation, has exclusively revealed that Winiko is her ex-hubby.

Samson disclosed in an interview with the publication a short while ago, saying the two have been cohabitating for a couple of years before they part ways over Winiko’s suspicious deeds.

According to Samson, her ex-husband Winiko could borrow money from her {Samson} without returning back, which she said forced the two to separate, saying he (Winiko) was a ‘gold digger’ in the family.

To support her claim, Samson produced a court document dated 9 September 2021, in which she through her lawyer of YD Attorneys demanded Winiko to pay back the sum of MK 2,230,000 which he obtained as a loan from her, but up to date the comedian has not yet paid.

Out of anger and frustration, Samson created a whatsapp group named ‘Winiko Mbava’, where she demanded Winiko to pay back the loan.

In reaction Winiko through his lawyers accused Samson of defamation and went on to demand MK50 Million in compensation to be paid in seven days from Wednesday, 4 May 2022.

Kalindo is also demanding an apology from the Samson on the WhatsApp group she created namely.

However, the iron lady Samson said she is not moved by the lawsuit insisting that ‘Winiko ndi Mbava, Zanga Abweza.’


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