Madinga teeing-off

Standard Bank Chief Executive Phillip Madinga is this morning leading a swinging pack of golfers as the bank’s two-day medal tournament tees off throwing the spotlight on the bank’s role in financing renewable energy.

Malawi continues to experience long hours of excruciating electricity black outs and this weekend’s tournament offers a platform where the bank will demonstrate its ability to bring the light through renewable energy financing.

The two-day tournament comes under the auspices of Solar Financing Facility, a product that is providing easy access to alternative energy in a quest to mitigate the energy challenges the country is facing. The tournament also reaffirms Standard Bank’s continued commitment towards development of sport in the country.

“As a Bank with a long affiliation to golf both locally and regionally, we are proud of our contribution towards development of the sport through tournaments such as the Standard Bank Be More Golf. As such we will always be a golf advocate as it remains a professional sport that Malawian players across the country enjoy,” said Phillip Madinga, Standard Bank’s Chief Executive.

The Bank touted the growth of golf in the country saying the multifaceted sport provides a good platform for business sustainability and growth.

“As a corporate brand, golf presents a great platform where we interact with our clients and partners to better understand their needs as well as getting feedback on our offerings. It is through such engagements that we gain insights that enable us to align to their needs therefore facilitating growth and productivity,” he said.

Through the tournament, Standard Bank is also taking its solar financing facility to its bankable golfers as a way of helping them be more productive amid the current energy hiccups.

“At Standard Bank we believe that Malawi is our home, and we are confident that renewable energy will drive our nation’s growth. This golf tournament is extraordinary as it is in partnership with one of our renewable energy partners – 265 Energy. Through this partnership we aim to provide affordable renewable energy to our clients; more so now with the energy crisis we are currently facing.” said the Chief Executive.

Madinga further explained that Standard Bank is making this facility available to both individuals and companies, allowing them to purchase and import renewable energy supplies based on their needs.


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