Castel Malawi hands over Forklift to distributor

Zoto Banda (left) hands over the keys of the Forklift to Kalongonda (centre) and his wife

Castel Brewery Malawi through its Distributor incentive program which seeks to motivate and empower its distributors, on Friday handed over a Forklift to one of its distributors in Lilongwe who emerged winner in an in-house competition of improving efficiencies and turn round times in the business.

Castel Malawi Deputy Director of Sales and Marketing Nelson Zoto Banda said the company started the competition as one way of supporting their distributors to grow their business and create employment opportunities in line with policies and priorities of the Malawi government.

“As you are aware, we work with local distributors in our business, so this in-house competition aims at improving efficiencies and turn round times so that the distributors grow their business and as a result help in fulfilling the government’s agenda of job creation,” said Zoto Banda.

Narani Enterprises based in Area 25 in Lilongwe was the first winner of the Forklift for the month of August 2022 after pushing required volumes, scoring a better turn round time for trucks that offload Castel products at their warehouse and having a conducive warehouse that can take a forklift.

Zoto Banda said distributors will be winning the Forklifts up to December 2022.

Kalongonda tests drive the truck as his wife applauds

“Our business is growing because of the efficiency of our distributors that is why we want to continue empowering them so that as they grow, our business also grows and in the end more people should find jobs,” added Zoto Banda.

Narani Enterprises Managing Director James Aubrey Kalongonda thanked Castel Malawi for supporting the distributors through the competition noting that the Forklift will greatly improve turn round times for his company’s efficiency in terms of how they load and offload stock.

“We started with one 40-foot container almost 17 years ago with three employees but through the support that we have received from Castel Malawi, we now have built this Warehouse and we have a workforce of about 26 employees and soon we will be adding one more to drive the Forklift. We are very grateful to Castel Malawi for this gesture,” said Kalongonda.

He also said, because of the improvement of the turnaround times as a result of the Forklift, they will be able to better serve their three drop zones around Area 25 in Lilongwe.

“We are given two hours turnround time and with this Forklift we will reduce that to 13 minutes giving us enough time to do other things and serve our drop zones efficiently. We thank Castel for this gesture because our business will continue to grow now,” added Kalongonda.

Kalongonda drives the Forklift


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