Malawians to force police to act on Emilie Halimana Noel mysterious death through demonstrations


By Iommie Chiwalo

IG Yolamu to receive a petition

Concerned Malawian Citizens, a grouping that gave Malawi Police Service (MPS) a seven-day ultimatum has vowed not to relent until justice surrounding the mysterious death of Malawian of Rwandan origin Emmillie Halimana Noel prevails.

In a press statement made available to this publication signed by its representatives Wales Khama, Cynthia Chikalema and Esther Kubwalo, the grouping has said that it feels vindicated that those people connected to the incident are protected by the law enforcers for reasons majority can guess.

“To say the least, we are not shocked, and neither are we amused by the conduct of the police on the matter. This came very clear in one of the reactions by the police that they have two autopsy reports when actually they know that initially the alleged fatal accident was never reported to the police, therefore those people parading the other report are the prime suspects on the mysterious death,” reads the statement.

Noel 36, allegedly died in a road accident in Lilongwe along the M1 road around the Kanengo Northgate area on October 17, 2022.

The concerned citizens have expressed shock over the conduct of the MPS based on the fact that it is clear that the law enforcers are now running out of excuses as to why they are not arresting the suspects when Malawians have a million cases where the police have denied suspects bail apparently to finish investigations.

“And they are here in this case trying hard to finish investigations before making arrests in a serious case where a life was lost. It is for this reason that, we the Concerned Citizens, reiterate the vow to fight for justice to prevail on the death of Emmilie. We hereby, intend to take a second step which is holding peaceful demonstrations on November 23, 2022 in Lilongwe where a petition will be hand delivered to the Inspector General of Police (IG) Merlyn Yolamu at Area 30,” reads the statement in part.
Further to that, in an event that the police will not act after presenting the petition to the IG, will be forced to effect citizen arrest by picking the suspects named in the autopsy report which is in our possession. 

The MPS through its national spokesperson Peter Kalaya have insisted that the law enforcement agency does not work based on ultimatums from pressure groups or concerned parties but rather base its investigations on professional standards.


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