Bolt speed: TNM boosts Internet speed and agility with Fibre

Acting CEO Gowera

TNM Plc, Malawi’s pioneer mobile network and ICT services provider has unveiled fibre packages to provide the fastest Internet connectivity possible for medium scale to large businesses.

TNM’s Acting Chief Executive Lloyd Gowera said at the launch in Lilongwe on Friday night that the fibre internet compliments the telco’s strategic intention in accelerating digital adaptation.

“As TNM our goal is to provide enhanced experience to our valued customers in the digital ecosystem. The fibre packages will enable subscribers to be connected to super reliable fast internet in the process contributing to our overall vision of becoming Malawi’s leading digital services provider,” said Gowera

He said that the ultra-fast internet will propel social-economic growth for customers in offices and homes.

“Internet usage is the order of the day, it is offering efficiency and effective connectivity in various vicinities. Therefore, our fibre internet is designed to enable Malawians unleash their potentials regardless of whether they are at office or home,” said the ACEO.

During the launch, customers were dazzled with high quality and high speed streaming of a World Cup game between England and USA.

Chief Marketing Officer Frank Magombo presented the product benefits

With the surge in super internet demand, TNM’s fibre internet is responding to this growth being influenced by the changing business environment and increasing streaming demand.

“The growth in video-on-demand services such as Netflix, ShowMax and other streaming services has helped drive internet appetite. TNM understand such demand and growth hence innovating to fibre internet for our customers’ productivity,” added Gowera

According to the Acting CEO, the integrated telco will continue investing in technologies aimed at bridging the internet divide.

TNM has partnered Open Connect Ltd (OCL) to roll out the unlimited bandwidth capabilities and offer fastest high-speed data connectivity in the country.

Aside ultra-high speeds fibre internet is also touted for its reliability as it is not prone to outages, has same speed for downloads and uploads, no throttling, higher quality television output, multiple device connectivity, and better game play among its key benefits.

The TNM fibre offering comes in two main options of Fibre to the Home/FTTH and fibre to the business/FTTB.

Under FTTH, customers have the option to choose from 5Mbpsftth,10Mbpsftth, 20 Mbpsftth, 50 Mbpsftth, 100 Mbpsftth and 200 Mbpsftth,

Under FTTB, customers can opt for 20 Mbpsfttb, 50 Mbpsfttb, 100 Mbpsfttb and 200 Mbpsfttb.


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