MASS EXODUS: MCP, PP, UTM, UDF officials defect to Prophet David Mbewe’s FOWEL


Dozens of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Joyce Banda’s People’s Party (PP), United Democratic Front (UDF, and UTM officials from the Eastern Region and surrounding districts have defected to Prophet David Mbewe’s Freedom for Worship and Economic Liberation for Development (FOWEL).

FOWEL, which was founded by a good-Samaritan and man of the people Prophet David Mbewe, welcomed the defected political heavy weights on Wednesday at a historic and colorful ceremony which took place at Fort Johnstone Wapansi Hotel in Mangochi.

In his welcoming remarks, FOWEL Vice President Juma Mlauzi urged Malawians and the new catch to work hand in hand with FOWEL leadership in liberating Malawians who are suffering under Tonse administration.

“Due to the atrocities that are affecting Malawians, Prophet Mbewe was motivated to found this organization to serve all Malawians equally across the country Malawi; l therefore appeal to all Malawians to join hands in liberating the poor Malawians,” he said

Adding that: “Mangochi district and the entire Eastern Region has been used by a lot of political personals to win the government after they’re elected into powers later they go and leave Mangochi without benefiting, FOWEL is here to stand and speak on behalf of voiceless and marginalized people,”

Speaking at the function, Mangochi District Governor for FOWEL Muhammad Matola urged FOWEL founder Prophet Mbewe to register FOWEL as a political party, saying him {Prophet Mbewe} is the only hope for the country saying President Chakwera and his Tonse administration have failed miserably.

“Prophet Mbewe is the only hope for the country, time has come for him {Prophet Mbewe} to register FOWEL as a political party so that he should stand a chance to stand as a presidential candidate during the 2025 presidential elections,” said Matola a former PP top official.

Taking his turn National Director of religious and strategic planning of FOWEL, Alhaji Nsawanga urged all FOWEL members to welcome all the officials who have defected from other political parties and work hand in hand for betterment of Malawians.

Mrs. Basikolo the former director of women of PP, Bishop Mtalimanja from UDF, Mr. Jere a former region governor of people’s party from North are some of the top officials who were welcomed.

Speaking on behalf of the defected members Jere said: “Mbewe is the only person who has been spotted amongst the Patriots who has a passion to liberate Malawians. And he urged all politicians to work with Dr David F Mbewe to rescue our nation.”

Freedom of worship and Economic Liberation (FOWEL) organization was founded by Prophet Dr Mbewe to liberate Malawians.


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