MELAKA products for home, office cleanness products


When you choose today to think of cleanliness, then think of Melaka products- a new household name in town for all home and office cleanliness products.

Melaka is a Malawi-based company which was co-founded in 2023 by Founder and overseer of Powerhouse International Church Reverend Dr. Clement Nkhoma and his spouse Nancy who is responsible for productions and operations, specializing in manufacturing cleaning products.

The two started Melaka Manufacturing Company from the proceeds of tomatoes and cabbage farming.

“We manufacture a large range of high-quality products, for use in the home, office, or industrial market,” said Dr. Nkhoma, adding that the company has over 21 products on the shelf for peoples use.

The products, according to Dr. Nkhoma, include car shampoo, window cleaner, dashboard, and tyre cleaner.

“We also have soap, bath jell, liquid soap, foam bath, hair shampoo, car shampoo, washing powder, and many more products,” said Nkhoma, adding: ” we believe that with the shortage of forex this is a great solution for shop owners.”

He says that Melaka is meanwhile striving to be a household cleaning name in the world, manufactures its products using locally available raw materials.

“We have a team of part-time employees that have been trained for months in manufacturing but as the company grows we will employ more people to run the business,” Nkhoma said.

The two started the manufacturing business after being inspired by Kondwani Kachamba Ngwira, a local trainer and motivational speaker in manufacturing and entrepreneurship.

“We had a great harvest of tomatoes and cabbage that we sold and because of Kondwani Kachamba Ngwira, it inspired us to study and watch videos a lot. We bought manuals from abroad then my wife started with soap but she failed so many times but did not give up.

We always had rejects everywhere. Then she mastered it. I must say she could have given up but she did not,” narrates Nkhoma.

The Manufacturing industry remains one of the keys for sustainable economic development which creates jobs and helps to relieve the forex stress on financial institutions.


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