NBM inspires Stella Maris Secondary girls

Chirwa addressing girls at Stella Maris Girls Secondary

National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc has encouraged girls at Stella Maris Secondary School in Blantyre to stay focused in their studies and develop an interest in matters related to finance and the economy. .

The Bank’s Mobile and e-Money Services Manager, Enala Chirwa visited the girls for a talk  through the financial inclusion program dubbed ‘60 Minutes with a Banker’ championed by the Bankers Association of Malawi (BAM) for Secondary Schools in the country.

“There are several women who have made it to the top despite all odds in their respective disciplines, whether in the corporate world, in entrepreneurship, you name it. There is  nothing stopping you young ladies from following in their footsteps. Take it upon yourself to keep abreast of current events happening in this country, the economy and most importantly have sound financial knowledge because no matter what industry you end up in after you finish school, you will need to be finance savvy and understand basic economic trends,” said Chirwa.

She further urged the girls to embrace their humble beginnings which instill perseverance and hard-working spirit.

“As girls you need to remain focused on your studies and not be distracted by temporary things like relationships, fashion or dwelling upon things that you do not have yet they do not have and won’t add any value to your life and studies at this stage. There is a proper time for those things.”

Chirwa addressing students at Stella Maris

“Always remember, anything a man can do, a woman can do better – Science, Math, you name it! A good number of girls shy away from science subjects, not because they cannot do them but because they have culturally been labeled as difficult and suited for boys. There are so many more doors that open if you have good grades in general, including in science subjects. Your future is your own and you make it what you want.  Follow your passion and do not be afraid to make path changes along the way. ,” she said.

During the motivational talk, NBM’s Account Relationship Managers, Fanny Kachala and Mwayi Kalulu made presentations on the various products being offered by the Bank.

BAM Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lyness Nkungula said the program involves presenters from Banks to motivate secondary school students by sharing their stories on how they moved the ladder to where they are.

“The presenters highlight the challenges they have personally met on the way, why they did not give up, and the benefits of working hard. We also want to equip the students with knowledge on finance,” she said.

Chirwa delivering a speech at Stella Maris


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