MALAWI VS ETHIOPIA:TNM Mahape to dish out free minutes for every Flames goal


TNM Plc will donate 1 free minute to all its customers for every goal the Flames will score against Ethiopia in tomorrow’s Group D Africa Cup of Nations Qualifier in Maputo Mozambique as one way of boosting the fans morale, Head of Marketing Madalitso Jonazi has said.

“TNM as a truly Malawian network is a big fan of the Flames and Malawi football. As a sponsor of the country’s top-flight league, the Super League, and which is the bedrock of the Flames foundation, we thought of responding to the need for Malawians to cheer up their national team while using free airtime depending on the number of goals. For example, if Flames can score 10 goals, that means 10 free minutes for every customer registered on our network. This is our way of extending the Mahape moments to the football fraternity, and motivating the Flames to score,” he said.

Jonazi said the offer of free minutes is sponsored by TNM Mahape, a communication platform aiming to celebrate the utility from using TNM products and services.

“The Flames and Ethiopia game is a happiness moment hence TNM Mahape will reward customers with the free airtime depending on the number of goals the Flames can score. Through Mahape, the goal is to celebrate our network’s capability to empower users in their respective areas of effort, while achieving different milestones, and tomorrow’s match is one such opportunity,” said the Head of Marketing.


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