FDH Bank launches MiniPOS


FDH Bank plc has launched a portable Point-Of-Sale (POS) machine to provide convenience to the customers and business owners.

Speaking during the launch of the machine called ‘Tswaa MiniPOS’ on Tuesday, FDH Bank plc Senior Manager for Digital Sales, Yamikani Mbawala said the Bank wants small to medium sized businesses to join the digital banking revolution and win in their businesses.

“Tswaa MiniPOS is a small POS which looks like a phone, like a Nokia 3310 that fits in your pockets. This is to enhance small businesses as we have a lot of businesses in town but they are unable to take card transactions because they don’t have a POS and Banks are not willing to give them a POS because their transaction volumes are small, they don’t do as many transactions as other businesses.”

“So, we got these POSs to cater for that particular market like that supermarket where you live, a small market in Chirimba, Machinjiri, or Area 23. We want this POS to get to all those places where now you can transact using cards.”

“The Reserve Bank set this year June that every business has to have a digital payment system, we are just responding to that call. So, we encourage merchants, customers to apply for this Tswaa POS,” said Mbawala.

One of the customers, Mathambo Lowole, who is the owner of Sunnyside Lodge commended FDH Bank for the innovation saying the portability excites customers to carry it through wherever they are conducting businesses.

“It is an innovation that we have been looking forward to. Looking at the first POS machine we had to charge it, so it did not come in handy because sometimes we have to be invited to outside events. Sometimes you have to go there at 5pm and by 12 o’clock you want to charge but there is already a commotion, so this gadget will help us on outside events. It has also been designed to provide proof of payment to both the merchant and customer,” he said.

According to Mbawala, the MiniPOS is compatible with all Bank cards.

The MiniPOS eliminates the cost and risks of handling cash and disruption of businesses for trips to the Bank, increases sales by increasing payment options, enhances accountability and maintains audit trail, and offers personalized relationship management by dedicated bank officials assigned to merchants.

To the customers, the MiniPOS machine offers convenience through quick and easy to use payment methods, no extra charges for paying by card, safety by eliminating risks involved as in carrying cash, and also enhances accountability through the ability to monitor personal finances.


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