ACB hails Castel Malawi on anti-corruption drive

Chizuma and Zimba (middle) carrying a banner with Anti-corruption message

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director, Martha Chizuma has commended the giant alcoholic producer in Malawi, Castel for its strong stance against corruption at the company.

Chizuma was speaking in Blantyre on Friday during the Anti-corruption activities organized by Castel Malawi ahead of the Anti-Corruption Day on Saturday.

The ACB Director said she was proud of Castel Malawi for being leaders from the private sector to join the fight against corruption.

“I am impressed and encouraged that a private sector institution could think of coming up with a day like this. You don’t usually see the private sector getting involved. There are few that are doing this, and also, maybe to a level that Castel Malawi has done.”

Chizuma and Zimba (middle) flanked by Castel employees during the integrity walk

“This is very important because as we celebrate the Anti-corruption day, those are the aspirations that we have as a country to achieve the Malawi2063 like industrialization, commercialization for agriculture services and others. All those things, it is the private sector that will help us achieve that. And it is not just any other private sector that can achieve that, but the ones that are corruption free,” said Chizuma.

Castel Malawi Human Resource and Corporate Affairs Director, Gloria Zimba said the goal is to raise awareness and foster a collective effort for the continued fight against corruption, a cause that aligns with the values they share under their Corporate Social Responsibility.

“We declared last year and we are continuing with that declaration that Castel Malawi is a corrupt free organization, and we will try our level best to put in as much funding as we can to fight corruption internally. This day is important to us, that is why we have involved all our employees in the integrity march.”

Castel employees during the integrity walk

“We want every employee to internalize the fight. It is not a fight which management, ACB, or government can do on its own. Every individual employee is called upon to take the responsibility, to blow the whistle when they see corrupt activities, or bribery taking place,” she said.

Zimba further indicated that since the declaration last year, the company has received a lot of whistleblowing both internal and external.

The commemoration of the day started with an integrity walk around Blantyre CBD with other partners like Deloitte, Malawi Law Society and Malawi Police accompanied by the Malawi Defense Force Band.


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