TNM launches Pink Potential to groom women leaders


TNM Plc, the Malawi’s pioneer mobile network and ICT services provider, has unveiled Pink Potential, a program designed to empower female employees and groom them for leadership roles.

Chief Executive Officer Michel Hebert said at the launch of the Pink Potential Program it will drive the acceleration and upskilling of women in TNM by supporting them with appropriate tools and resources needed to help them achieve both professional and personal growth.

“At TNM, our commitment to gender diversity, equity, and inclusion both inside and outside the organization, is unparalleled. We are very excited to launch this ground-breaking initiative as it underlines our seriousness to address disparities in gender inclusion as we continue striving for a more inclusive and equitable work environment,” he said.

The CEO said research had shown that 60 percent of TNM’s customers are women, hence building capacity internally of the women workforce would help the telco respond to the needs of the market while building future-readiness as a market-facing business.

“TNM believes that diversity is our greatest strength, and we are committed to creating a workplace where women are empowered to transition into leadership. By investing in the empowerment of female employees, TNM is not only leading by example but also setting a new standard for excellence in the industry,” said Hebert.

Through the Pink Potential Program TNM’s female employees will go through series of interactive workshops, seminars, and mentoring sessions, and will develop key skills, build confidence, and unlock their full potential preparing them for leadership roles.

“The Program covers a wide range of topics, including personal branding, leadership development, negotiation skills, assertiveness communication, and work-life balance. Participants will also have access to mentorship opportunities, networking events, and ongoing support from senior leaders within the organization,” added Hebert.

One of the participants, Zione Bokosi Chintali who is TNM’s Account Relationship Manager for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) says she is optimistic the program would enhance women’s contribution towards the company’s growth targets.

“I feel honored to be part of this program which prepares us future challenging roles. Everything we are going to learn here will hone and enhance our leadership skills,” said Chintali.

She added that the program is valuable as it complements knowledge and skills set in the process elevating female employees’ delivery.

The first phase of the training in this quarter will address issues including importance of emotional intelligence, personal branding in a woman’s career growth, creating digital presence, and diversity and inclusion in understanding gender intelligence


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