The Leadership Institute for Transparency and Accountability (LITA) strongly condemns the uncivilized act by thugs believed to have been sponsored by the governing Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to disrupt the peaceful assembly and parade organized by the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in Lilongwe. It is very paralyzing to see that MCP officials are downplaying the truth by shielding their diabolic political thugs while many casualties are battling with deep wounds in the hospitals.

Freedom of assembly and association (FoAA) is our birthright as guaranteed in the Constitution, and has no geographical frontiers. Malawi is for every Malawian and does not belong to a single political party. We, therefore, call upon all political parties to co-exist and carry their political obligations dutifully.

Sadly, the compromised Police, on the other hand, seem to have no proactive measures to apprehend the culprits yet they were reportedly on the crime scene. The video clips that are viral on social media can provide a swift lead to bring the thugs and their political masters to book.

LITA and its stakeholders have been following events in Malawi (including what is happening in Parliament now), and we are made to believe that MCP has strategically set for anarchy and one party state. The President and his cohorts must be reminded that Malawi shall remain a democratic state willy-nilly!

The Catholic Bishops, as the midwives of multiparty democracy in the country, have spoken. We as Malawians of good will must listen to the voice of reason enshrined in their prophetic call, and fearlessly act wisely by rooting out any strategies and political machinations that are butchering our hard-won democracy. The signs are so clear that Malawi’s leadership tragedy must be solved by the same voters who ushered the “seemingly indispensable” MCP into power.

MCP’s regime has been earmarked by the detention, arbitrary arrest, judicial harassments, death threats and intimidation of human rights activists, journalists, women, and innocent political opponents. All these vices are orchestrated by bankrupt politicians who believe are above the law.

Instead of sponsoring thugs with sharp panga knives, axes and lethal weapons, MCP leadership must tackle hunger, high costs of living, high inflation, corruption, tribalism, forex scarcity, drug shortages, among other socio-economic problems which are already the venomous sting on the citizens. It is, therefore, uncalled for to indulge on attacking tax-payers who lucratively salary the President, his family, cronies and tribesmen instead of satisfying them.




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