Philanthropist Dr Triephornia Mpinganjira hails hubby for constructing Cancer Centre in Blantyre


Philanthropist Dr. Triephornia Mpingangira has commended her husband Dr. Thomson Mpinganjira, a philanthropist himself, for constructing a state-of-the-art cancer centre at Nyambadwe in Blantyre.

The first ever radiotherapy hospital will be opened this afternoon by state president Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

According to Madame Mpinganjira, the hospital will help to save millions of lives in the country seeking cancer treatment.

“This hospital will undoubtedly save countless lives and bring hope to many families,” Triephornia said in a statement addressed to her billionaire husband posted on her official Facebook page.

In the statement, she further said: “Your passion and commitment to this cause are truly inspiring. I am so proud to be your wife and witness the positive impact you are making on the lives of so many Malawians.”

Currently, Malawi sends cancer patients to hospitals in countries such as India and Tanzania.

The Ministry of Health said in August this year that the country uses over K2 billion every year to send patients abroad for cancer treatment.

In 2017, Malawi Government started constructing the National Cancer Center which is yet to be completed

The business tycoons and richest couple in Malawi, Dr. Thomson and wife Triephornia Mpinganjira are well known for sponsoring various social programs as well as sporting activities.

It is no longer a secret; the two are one of the gifts that Malawi and the whole Globe have in terms of humanitarian support and services.

Recently, Dr. Triephonia was in the news after donating a brand new Nissan Patrol to Malawi’s renowned hip hop artist, Limbani Kalilani better known by his stage name as Tay Grin.

She also stormed the social media after donating 2.5 million kwacha to Mai Mbambande, a non-governmental organization dedicated towards assisting the elderly in the country.

As that was not enough, Mai Mpinganjira also supported with air tickets to six children who represented Malawi at Africa Spelling B competition in Uganda.


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