Apostle Nyirongo says World needs righteous leaders


Apostle Dr. Mc Hellings Nyirongo, who is the founder for Christ Fellowship Church for All Nations (CFCAN), says for the World to prosper needs a “righteous and very honest” leaders.

He made the remarks ahead of a 2 days of God’s answer special prayers themed: “God’s time to receive and follow God’s leaders” slated for Friday 5 to 6 April at Ekwendeni CDSS in Mzimba district.

According to Apostle Nyirongo, time has come for God to lead His people instead of cruel and clueless leaders so that all people should prosper and enjoy good life.

The Apostle said cruel leaders have a habit if oppressing, killing any one whom they perceived to be wiser than them; “They kills people with visions and steal their visions which later they will fail to implement”.

Apostle Nyirongo said: “According to the Holy Ghost bad leaders are: Clue less leaders who just announce decisions and promises what can’t implemented (Jeremiah 8 v11).

They speak peace which is not there. These are vision less leaders who can take a picture of hotel in USA and present to the village as their plan to transform the village,”

While quoting Proverbs 28 Verse 15 and Proverb 29 Verse 2, Apostle Nyirongo said If God blesses the people, He gives them a righteous leader and if God punishes the people He gives them bad and wicked leaders.

“See God chose David and Israel prospered under his regime,” cited Apostle Nyirongo in an exclusive interview, adding that: “During these prayers, we shall pray and the LORD shall provide His spirit, His Angels, His anointed men and women, supernatural wisdom to surpass human practices.”

The prayers, which will start with a night of prayers on Friday, April 5 and a day long service on Saturday April 6, is themed: “God’s time to receive and follow God’s leaders”.

The prayers will be will be characterized with teachings, prophecies, healing and deliverance among others as guided by the Holy spirt.

CFCAN’S Christ melodies and Women of grace will spice up the ‘free for all’ prayers with live music performances.

For more call/WhatsApp on +265997341371.

Apostle Dr. Mc Nyirongo is well known in Malawi and across the globe for his accurate prophecies, miracles healing and deliverance.

 He was called and sent by Jesus Christ Himself and he does what others cannot do except they have Holy Ghost too.

Christ fellowship church for all Nations; giving the word of life: wisdom, revelation, prophecy, healing and deliverance.


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