TNM Brings Mpamba eTicketing to Super League…Pilots e-ticketing solution at Sapitwa Tournament

Madalitso Jonazi, TNM’s Head of Brand and Marketing

Blantyre, March 22, 2024–In a move to redefine the local football landscape, TNM Plc sponsors of Malawi’s topflight Super League is proud to announce the deployment of electronic ticketing (e-ticketing) for the TNM Super League.

The new solution will be available for the Sapitwa 4 tournament which involves Super League outfits Bangwe All-stars, Dedza Dynamos, FOMO and Mighty Tigers at Mulanje Park scheduled from 23 March to 24th March 2024.

This innovative step aims to enhance convenience, streamline access, elevate the overall matchday experience for supporters, and curb fraud around football arena.

According to TNM, E-ticketing marks a significant transition from traditional paper tickets to digital access, aligning with modern technological advancements and catering to the evolving preferences of football enthusiasts.

“With this initiative, fans will now have the flexibility to purchase, manage, and present their match tickets entirely through digital platforms, and eliminating the need for physical tickets,” said Madalitso Jonazi, TNM’s Head of Brand and Marketing.

The initiative underscores TNM’s commitment towards embracing innovation and leveraging technology to deliver supreme experiences to football enthusiasts in the country.

Jonazi indicated that football fanatics will have to purchase tickets to this year’s super league matches through Mpamba instead of buying with cash at stadium gates.

“As a proud Super League sponsor, TNM is thrilled to bring e-ticketing to our esteemed football fans, which is a pivotal moment in our ongoing efforts to enhance fan engagement and satisfaction.

All they need is a Mpamba account and a Khadi Mbambande debit card which they can buy on their phone and collect from any TNM shops across the country,” he said.

Jonazi emphasizes TNM’s commitment to curbing fraud, an issue hindering the growth of football industry, particularly during matches.

“The traditional practice of handling cash when purchasing physical tickets at entry points poses a lot of challenges for revenue collection such as theft of cash which leads to revenue loss and other associated problems. The e-ticketing is the most secure and convenient solution of handling football matches revenue as tickets will be bought through TNM’s digital platforms,” added Jonazi.

The initiative of e-ticketing also aligns with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Super League of Malawi (SULOM) ongoing efforts to address issues like cash theft and ticket duplication within the TNM Super League.

Apart from safeguarding of revenue, other advantages include real-time attendance tracking and prevention of fraudulent activities.

E-ticketing represents a paradigm shift in the evolution of football in Malawi, resonating with global standards of convenience and efficiency.


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