Disgruntled Intelligence Officers Threaten To Boycott Work Over Nepotism

NGWIRA: Under fire

We can reveal that there is serious nepotism at the National Intelligence Service of Malawi as eighty percent of the New recruits are coming from the Northern region where the Director General Dokani Ngwira comes from.

We can exclusively reveal that there were no advertisement nor proper selection and vetting of officers and the only the qualifications was that one must come from the Northern region.

Upon being recruited into the system the Director general has started transferring old.members of the institution away from the headquarters to regional offices and replacing them with the officers from the Northern region in an effort to consolidate power base.

The operations are not being done in consultation with the presidency as the office report directly to the office of the president.

The Director general has been challenging the senior management that no one can tell him what to do as far as running of the institution is concerned.

The current Director General was fired twice from the intelligence service because if similar issues. The first time was during the Bingu Wa Mutharika regime where he was fired because of laundering funds and buying flats and evaded arrest by running to South Aftrica then he found his way back during the Joyce Banda regime where he was again fired for abuse of office. Where he was selling intelligence to the former government officials. For the third time he has returned to his favorite office as a Director General using his connection to the disgraced personal assistant to the president pastor Thom who is also a senior pastor to self rewoned pastor Dokani Ngwira.

Now after being implicated in the furniture scandal using covid 19 funds.

We can reveal that the NIS boss has been caught pants down again by using MK 40 million office funds to buy his personal land.

Recently, there has been a promotion galore at the intelligence body and the majority of those promoted are his fellow northerners.

This has left the intelligence body divided with most of the officials there frustrated, a development that can compromise the safety of the country’s president.


  1. Intelligence officers seeking assistance through social media? The officers who were recruited during previous regimes?

    That alone tells you alot!

    Eyes wide open!


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