Airtel Malawi fires HR Director Sikelo in sexual harassment shame

Sikelo- Sacked by Airtel Malawi in a sexual harassment shame

Airtel Malawi has finally fired its Human Resources Director Alick Sikelo in a sexual harassment shame.

We can reveal that it has been long time coming for Sikelo to face the boot after several complaints from female employees over his sexual advances and harassment on them.

But now Airtel top management has now finally fired Sikelo after some female members of staff successfully lodged a complaint.

Sikelo: Sexual predator

“Yes he has been sacked,” confirmed one senior member of staff.

Airtel Managing Director Charles Kamoto could not be reached for comment.

But one top manager confirmed the sacking of Sikelo and pushed us back to Kamoto for official comment.

“But it’s true that he has been relieved of his duties but for details contact the Managing Director, ” said the manager who insisted that he should not be quoted as he officially does not speak on behalf of the company.

Insiders said Sikelo used his position to gain sexual favours from some women employees who were in return promoted while those who refused to give in to his sexual demands were victimized.

“Some of the women who were professional and refused to sleep with him were victimized but because he was being shielded by some big bosses who also do the same, he survived but this time it got to top management and that is why he got the sack,” said an employee privy to the issue.

Some female employees also lodged a complaint with the Ombudsman but the matter is yet to be concludes.



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