Chilima Salutes Stakeholders on SADC Preps


Vice President Saulos Chilima was on Friday out and about visiting Kamuzu International Airport, BICC, Capital Hotel, Golden Peacock and Civic Centre to thank the authorities for a job well done during the SADC summit.

Chilima, who was directed by President Lazarus Chakwera to be charge of the Summit preparations, said on behalf of the President he was happy for the collaborative efforts from the stakeholders.

“I came here to say thank you. You have done your country proud for your work. Let us now mantain the standards. I came here in person to inspect and putting pressure on you so I also thought of coming in person to say thank you,” said Chilima to the stakeholders starting with Airport staff.

At the civic centre, Chilima appealed to the city authorities to maintain the standards and ensure that city dwellers are happy with services.

“Let’s maintain the standards. You did well and you must continue. You know me very well, when something is wrong I say it. Today I want to say thank you on behalf of the President because everything went on well,” added Chilima.

During the tour, the Vice President was accompanied by Cabinet Ministers that included of Tourism Michael Usi, Halima Daudi Minister of Local government as well as Lilongwe City Mayor Juliana Kaduya.

During the summit, the Vice President delivered a Public Lecture to the delegates and was also attended the summit along aside President Chakwera during the two days that the Heads of State deliberated.


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