Police Officers Cry Foul Over SADC:No Allowances, Told To Buy Own Suits, Airtime,Food


There is frustrations among police officers who were assigned on SADC summit operations, with new revelations coming in that most of them have ended up in debts following orders from above to buy black suits, green or red ties only to end up without allowance.


We can confirm that officers who were doing VIP close body protection for Presidents and Ministers from SADC member states have not pocketed any allowance and are being threatened by senior officers who pocketed allowances despite being in offices and not taking part in the operations.

Those that have raised concerns with our publication are officers from VIP, State House and Dog handlers.

To make matters worse for the officers , we can reveal that their seniors told them to be buying Airtime and data on their own to communicate with the presidents, Ministers or officials from SADC states when there was a budget for communication which included airtime for security details.

Just yesterday, a group of 45 police officers was summoned to area 30, after they had complained on why they were given MK 30,000 for ten days operation.

Some officers who were protecting the presidents during the summit spent days without being provided with food .

All is not well with internal security, a move which is posing threat to the state president and tarnishing the image of the country .


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