Nachipanti Lawyer Appointed AG: Meet Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda In Active Partisan Politics

New AG with MCP Secretary General Mkaka

The newly appointed Attorney General has been awarded by Chakwera for a job well done during the 2020 elections case.

We can reveal that the new Attorney General was part of the research team of the previous nullification elections when Chakwela and Chilima were challenging Peter Mutharikas presidency.

Nyirenda was part of the research team on condition that he was going to be appointment Director of public Prosecution.

However he was awarded by being promoted to the position of a Manager from a supervisor position within the Reserve Bank of Malawi, a thing that did not go down well with him.

He was part of the team that challanged the commissioners case while saving as Manager of Legal services at RBM which is conflict of interest as the Bank policy does not allow a Banker to participate in partisan politics while in the service of the Bank.

Chakwera knows that the new Attorney General is related to the Chief Justice Nyirenda and Kenyatta Nyirenda of high court Lilongwe and his appointment is trying to buy the Chief Justice on his side who is yet to retire in November this year .

MCP believes that the new AG has capacity to reach to the judiciary corridor’s and bribe the judges and can replace Chikosa silungwe in the coming elections while maintaining the legal team that was there during the previous challange.He has been seconded to Government with the blessings of Dr. Wilson Banda who has personal interest to protect being a governor.

He is one of the most crooked lawyer’s who representented nachipanti in order to make a name and recently he has been passing one information to Sparc systems in a case where he felt that the awarded party Mintra which thank felt that it Was a Democratic Progressive Party company intsead of sparc systems which is owned by a fellow northener.

It is yet to be seen how he will perform in the new role considering his nepotistic tendencies.


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