Chakwera Embarrassed At Late Charles Chuka’s Funeral Over Condolences


There was drama at Nkhonya Village in Mulanje where former Reserve Bank of Malawi Charles Chuka’s was being laid to rest , after it was announced that President Lazarus Chakwera has given a condolence of K2 million to the bereaved family, and later it was announced that his VP Chilima had given a K4 million condolence.


A desperate Presidential aides rushed to go and command the master of ceremony to trim Dr Chilima’s condolence with K3 million and announce that he had given K1 million instead.

“Are you trying to embarrass the Head of State. Announce a million for the VP forthwith,” the aide fumed and the Master of ceremony rose up again to make an amendment and announce that Chilima only gave K1 million as his condolences.

The crowd that gathered at the funeral booed at the new doctored message and displayed their dissatisfaction over the dishonesty.

“Musatinamize we know Chilima gave out MK 4 million, be shamed”, charged the people while others bursted in laugher and mocked the president.

We can reveal that it was Embarrassing as the people insisted that they know that the VP has actually given a K4 million condolence.


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