NBM plc partners ICAM on digital payments


By Mc Donald Chapalapata, a Contributor 

ENALA CHIRWA: NBM plc Mobile and e-Money Services Manager

National Bank of Malawi (NBM) plc has partnered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi (ICAM) to provide members a channel for making various payments through the Bank’s digital platforms.

NBM plc Mobile and e-Money Services Manager Enala Chirwa said in an interview at the weekend that one of the Bank’s objectives in its digitalization drive is to offer its customers safe and secure means to access and transact on their accounts.

 “This requirement has become more prominent with the onset of the current Covid-19 pandemic, where individuals are being encouraged to avoid contact with surfaces as well as to minimize interpersonal interactions. From the Bank’s perspective this means reducing the need for customers to access our service centres or the handling of physical cash altogether.”

 “In this light, our partnership with ICAM is to ensure that our customers including ICAM members have one less reason to walk into a service centre or use physical instruments such as cash or cheques as the same service can now be accessed remotely using our Mo626ice in a safe, efficient, and convenient manner,” said Chirwa.

 She said through the service, members can make payments to ICAM any time of the day from anywhere in the country as long as they have access to the country’s local telecommunication networks.

 “Apart from the convenience the service renders to the customer, the solution also ensures that ICAM records with regards to the payments are updated in near real time, therefore eliminating inconveniences the members may face due to time lag between payment and record update,” explained Chirwa.

 ICAM Chief Executive Officer Dr. Francis Chinjoka Gondwe said the digital payment channels will offer flexibility to ICAM members, students and all stakeholders that make payment to ICAM.

 “Students no longer have to travel to our offices or even go to banks to pay for ICAM services. In the end, the cost of doing business will be lower on their side,” he stressed.


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