ACB Retrieves Messages Implicating Chakwera In Kambala’s Phone:NOCMA Saga


Panic and tension has engulfed State President Lazarus Chakwera and his inner circle with new revelations coming in that implicating Information has been retrieved , in the phones of former minister of Energy, Newton Kambala. Malawi Observer has the details.

Messages recovered in kambala phones implicate Chakwera.

Kambala was arrested together with President Chakwera’s advisor on manifesto implementation Cris Chaima Banda ,who is on record to have told ACB that he was working under the instructions of the president, who was new and learning how to govern in the issues surrounding NOCMA fuel scandal.

Information we have is that when Kambala was being released on bail, his phones were not given to him as ACB was still doing its forensic investigations with them.

Kambala applied through the courts to have his phones returned but he was turned down as the graft bursting body was still doing its work.

Malawi Observer has it on authority that ACB is done examining ex minister Kambala’s phones and series of instructions direct from President Chakwera to him (Kambala) and other instructions from State House Chief of Staff Prince Kapondagaga to Kambala have been uncovered and will be used as evidence in the court of law.

President Chakwera and his inner circle have been caught in abuse of power and corrupt practices by trying to influence NOCMA to award Finergy a contract to supply fuel to the government of Malawi with over $ 50 million .

Recently, ZR Energy also Implicated some senior MCP officials including powerful Minister Mkaka, secretary to President and Cabinet Zangazanga Chikhosi,State House Prince Kapondagaga in the same NOCMA fuel deal.


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