Macra Board Chaired By Powerful Chefo Khaila In A Procurement Scandal ;Turned Down by PPDA


MACRA board has been caught pants down overstepping their mandate by interferring with procurement processes in the organisation.


However, this comes as no surprise as it is no secret at the moment ,the board is managing MACRA on a daily basis bypassing the executive management.

A human audit consultancy was advertised and firms showed interest by applying for it.

We can confirm that after evalutation of the bids, Mlambe Consulting came out tops surpassing any other firm by a wide margin.

However, the board recommended Management International which was number 2 and rated lowly in all aspects including pricing which is 4 times higher than the winning bid as it is connected to one senior MCP official and it’s a conduit to defraud Malawi government whose economy is on the sick bed .

A recommendation was sent to PPDA to award the contract to Managrment International and it was outright rejected.

PPDA proceeded to school the MACRA board on its responsibilities and their limits.

MACRA board is chaired by the Chewa Foundation (CHEFO) Dr Khaila who in the recent past was embroiled in misuse of funds by authorising a trip of board members to Dubai to attend a governance training which can be done locally.

It is also on record that the Chair unilaterally asked MACRA to forego all the determinations by the Industrial Court on the recently sacked officials.

Our investigations shows that even the appointing authority is afraid to touch the Chair because of his strong backing from the Chewa tribe.

Malawians, this is the administration that duped you into believing and trusting them. Fed you lies and now out of their mask and displaying their real selves. Corruption has been institutionalised.


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