Onesimus Salutes Malawians for Love, Support During His ’Home Coming Concert’

COLOURFUL: Onesimus arrives at the show

Award winning artist, Onesimus, has commended Malawians for showing him love and support during his Home Concert which took place over the week-end in Lilongwe.

In a statement signed by artist’s Manager Tonderai Banda said: “Onesimus sincerely thanks his fans for the love and support rendered to him during the Home Coming Concert.”

“The turnout was amazing. In every respect, the fans made the show live up to its billing as a show of the year.”

The Panado hit maker, Onesimus also commended the media and other artists, both local and international for making his Home Coming Concert a memorable one.

MASSIVE SUPPORT: Part of the mammoth crowd

However, Onesimus apologized to the general public for unfortunate incident that happened during the show when he kicked a fan.

According to a video circulating on social media platforms, Onesimus was seen kicking the fan who attempted to pull him off the stage.

“The fact of the matter is that during the performance, the fan made several attempts to pull Onesimus off the stage, hence the reaction which he profoundly regrets,” reads the statement

It adds: “The public may wish to know that after the show, Onesimus sought out the fan and offered him sincere apologies for the action. The fan also admitted to have triggered the action. The two agreed to let the incident be water under the bridge.”

Onesimus, born Armstrong Kalua, who left Malawi in 2013 for South Africa as music export, is a multi-talented musician and award winning musician who has performed in several parts of the world.


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