EMMILLIE HALIMANA MYSTERIOUS’ DEATH: Preps for Nov 23 demos on course…DC confirms receipt of notification letter


By Iommie Chiwalo

Preparations for peaceful demonstrations slated for November 23 to show displeasure with the conduct of the police on the mysterious death of Malawian of Rwandan origin Emmillie Halimana Noel are at an advanced stage, with the Lilongwe District Commissioner confirming receipt of the notification letter.

“We the concerned citizens, would like to notify your office of our intention to hold peaceful demonstrations aimed at forcing the Inspector General (IG) of the Malawi Police Service (MPS) to effect the arrest of suspects connected to the mysterious death of Lilongwe-based businessman, a Malawian citizen of Rwandan origin, Emmilie Halimana Noel, aged 36, who allegedly died in a road accident in Lilongwe along the M1 road around the Kanengo Northgate area on October 17, 2022,” reads the notification letter.

The notification signed by concerned citizens representatives Wales Khama, Cynthia Chikalema and Esther Kubwalo indicates that they have arrived at this decision after it became apparent that the MPS is not only reluctant to act, but has also crossed the line by shielding the suspects, if their deafening silence on the matter is anything to go by.

“Now, as a country, the national security remains the only thing that we should all safeguard very jealously. Today is Emmilie, we are not sure who will be next! As a country we should not tolerate bad apples in the police service to dent our image because of their love for money in exchange for justice,” reads a strong worded notification letter addressed to Lilongwe DC Lawford Palani.

The grouping has made it clear that the letter is just a notification and not necessarily seeking permission.

“It is important to remind you that holding peaceful demonstrations is a constitutional right, hence this letter seeks to notify your office for proper planning, and not seeking permission,” it reads.

Intentionally the grouping wants the peaceful demonstrations to be held on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, from 09:30hrs, starting from the Lilongwe Community Ground passing through Mchesi, all the way to the Kamuzu Central Hospital Roundabout and Parliament Building Roundabout up to the Parliament main entrance where a petition will be delivered to the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Security but it will depend on what will come out of the stakeholders preparatory meeting which involves organisers, Police and the District council officials.

The current administration is facing serious criticism from all angles due to myriad dysfunctional sections that have even been spotted by a state funded Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC).

In a recent communique MHRC has recommended that government should address serious challenges facing the country including security lapses, dysfunctional health sector et al.


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