PEOPLE POWER…police dates organizers of peaceful demonstrations


By Iommie Chiwalo

Within the stakeholders preparatory meeting for demonstrations against the conduct of the Malawi Police Service (MPS) in addressing the mysterious death of Malawian of Rwandan origin Emmillie Halimana Noel, the law enforcers have resolved to meet Concerned citizens.

In a letter from the Lilongwe District Commissioner Lawford Palani indicates that the MPS wants to have a meeting with the organizers of the peaceful demonstrations.

“As advised in the meeting, the Malawi Police Service is willing to have an engagement with you before you hold demonstrations. The meeting will take place any day you will agree with the MPS,” reads the letter from the DC.

The District Commissioner has also indicated that his office will facilitate the meeting through provision of logistics.

“Please be advised that you should be in contact with the office of the District Commissioner for logistics of the said meeting. Kindly note that my office is open and free to any open discussion and to linkage with the Malawi Police Service,” said the Lilongwe DC in a letter which has also been copied to the officer in Charge of Lilongwe police.

Initially the concerned citizens gave the police seven days to address bottlenecks surrounding the mysterious death of Emmillie Halimana Noel but upon the lapse of the ultimatum, the grouping resolved to go for peaceful demonstrations slated for November 23.

It will be known if the arrangement will continue after the planned dialogue between the police and the representatives of the concerned citizens in the name of Wales Khama, Cynthia Chikalema and Esther Kubwalo.


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