RR Trading evades duty over St. Andrews uniform


RR Trading, a Limbe-based supplying company owned by on-the-run businessman Mohamed Shabir Salim Jussab police in Malawi is looking for, is implicated in yet another tax evasion scam.

Information gathered reveals that the company supplied school uniforms to St. Andrews International Primary School in Blantyre valued at over K50 million, but it evaded duty to milk the Malawi Government of the much needed income.

The company, RR Trading, also had problems with the school over the quantity of the consignment and also payment issues as the school was financially struggling before the new board took over, and it had to take intervention of lawyers to agree on an out-of-court settlement.

But RR Trading has played all tricks in the book to stay aloof of a possible investigation by Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA), but it is believed the tax collecting body got wind of it, but is yet to act as the firm’s owner, Jussab, is still on the run, reportedly in Saudi Arabia.

Sources privy to the scam accused the company of not being sensitive on its conduct to evade duty, arguing the country is facing serious economic challenges they believe is being worsened by such companies that are evading duty.

“This is evil. What would one lose to pay duty as the law demands? It is high time authorities take decisive action on duty evaders. There is no reason such companies should be allowed to operate in Malawi,” he said.

Just few days ago, it has been discovered that a young brother to this on-the-run businessman, Humair Salim Mahomed Sidik Jussab, is also facing a criminal charge after an Interpol operation has recovered a stolen car in Malawi stolen from South Africa in his name.

Malawi Police Service (MPS) investigators, who formed part of the Interpol, carried out an operation in selected districts that included Blantyre and Mangochi, according to South West Region Police Headquarters spokesperson Beatrice Mikuwa.

Humair is also reportedly on the run, according to police sources, who disclosed that they did not find him last week at his Mapanga factory in Blantyre, Fasa, when police wanted to pick him for questioning.

Among the four vehicles recovered, one of them, a double cabin Amarok VW, registration number BZ 1382, white, and in the name of Humair Jussab, was found at a garage in Blantyre.

Humair’s elder brother, Shabir, also wanted in Malawi for cyber harassment charge, and assault on his driver, and also facing a K26 million claim for his client’s vehicle he failed to repair at his garage, is reportedly in Saudi Arabia, with a warrant of arrest hanging on his head.

Mikuwa disclosed that three other vehicles recovered are Toyota Hilux, adding one of them stolen at gunpoint in Zimbabwe, was intercepted at Mwanza border post by Anti-motor car theft unit.

“A Zimbabwean suspect, Nyasya Ndangalazi, 34, from Chitungwiza, Chikemba Road No. 16-Zengera, was arrested and is in custody. This car had a fake registration number plate, MN 4832. Inside the vehicle, there were two other numbers, a Mozambican registration number AHG 096MP and a Zimbabwean registration number, AFR 3807,” Mikuwa explained.

She warned criminals in Malawi who collaborate with criminals outside Malawi that they would have nowhere to run to as police in Malawi cooperate with Interpol to flush out criminals involved in car thefts.

She said car theft is a serious offence and the law enforcers will always treat it as such.

Police in Blantyre obtained the warrant of arrest against Shabir for the charge of the cyber harassment on a fellow businessman and his family in Blantyre.

Later, another complaint against Shabir was filed with police by Shafqat Kasam, demanding K26 million which he said was value of his BMW convertible which he claimed RR Auto Service, Shabir’s garage in Blantyre, failed to repair it for over two years.

Kasam claimed in an interview his car, which he said was a runner and only had a sun roof problem which was not closing or opening, was not repaired until the garage was sold and he later heard that Shabir was on Interpol Red Alert and in Saudi Arabia.

On the case of the fired driver who told police he was assaulted, the 72-year-old ex-employee, Stainford Kalitsilira, told police his former boss assaulted him and verbally abused him on July 16 2021.


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